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Buck A Bull Western Party Hire
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These are great additions to any event to add a bit of adventure, activities and challenges to keep everyone laughing and entertained. Great Lawn games with a western twist that all ages can play. 
Hire 3 or more and even add them to other products to create a fun unique and cool package.

3 games - $200
4 games - $250
5 games - $300
6 games - $350
7 games - $390
8 games - $440

Overnight hire!

Discounts apply for packages with other inflatable products. 
Delivery fees may apply

We demonstrate and set up all products to show everyone how to use.

 Haystack Jenga 
Haystack Jenga

Haystack Jenga! 
Play a game of giant jenga with your friends how tall can you get before the Haystack comes crashing down?

 Ducks in a pond: 
Ducks in a pond:

Ducks in A Pond

Two Players race to see how many baby ducks they can scoop into their buckets.
Person with the most ducks in their bucket wins. 

 Lucky Shoes 
Lucky Shoes

Lucky Shoes
How Lucky are you!
Can you get your horse shoes on the markers before your componant can?

 Stars n Shoes:  
Stars n Shoes:

Stars N Shoes
A Game of Noughts and Crosses in a Western theme.
CAn you get 3 Stars or Horseshoes in a Row?

 Feed The Pig: 
Feed The Pig:

Feed The Pig

This Pig is extremely Hungry, Toss the coloured Hankysacks into his mouth to feed the pig. 
Be careful they bounce back!

 Flippin Chickens 
Flippin Chickens

Flippin Chickens
Using the Catapult can you flip the chickens into the pan each pan is worth a different amount of points. 
Who will have the most points at the end?


Peli - Pong

Bounce the Ping Pong on the table to get into the pelicans Beak. 
How many points can you get?

 Ropin Ryder 
Ropin Ryder

Ropin Ryder
Ryder is our wild Bull. Can you rop his horns with the rings?
Its harder then it looks. Great tip each time take a step back to make it more challenging. 

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BUCK A BULL - Western Party Hire



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LOCATION: Cedar Grove Qld

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